2 Layer Tier Stainless Steel Square Food Container Bento Lunch Box Portable (Green)


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The stainless steel detachable bowls are what are known as a tiffin, and they are great for picnics and camping and can even be used for school or work. It is a smart alternative to the standard lunch box and other food containers, as it is made from high quality stainless steel and has 2 separate stackable food containers that are designed to keep your food fresh and warm for longer. Featuring a convenient latch locking mechanism and carry handle, with durable and easy to clean dishwasher safe containers with a combined capacity of up to 2L. In a world where most meals are eaten outside the home, this will keep food warm and help you avoid take-out. It has detachable sections that allow you to keep different foods separated and plastic seals are responsible for the no-spillage. Pack these with homemade soup, stew, chili and other favourites, or fill with a fruit salad – they keep food cold too!. Eating is arguably the best part of the day, so enjoy a lunch on the go with this!

Keep your meals fresh, hot Like eating right out of a bowl, easy to get to right down to the last bite Detachable sections to keep different foods separate Reusable containers perfect for your waste-free lunch on the go Lids are leak-proof and so you can carry your yummy gravies without any worries Keeps food hot or cold and doesn’t influence other tier’s temperature



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