Doff Concentrated Weed Killer-Glyphosate Advanced Lawn Care Sachet 10 & 6 X 80ml

These strong advanced weed killers are effective to destroy the production of weeds. The weed killer is easy to use and suitable for sprayer & cans application.

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Doff Strong Advanced Weedkiller

These strong advanced concentrated weed killers are created to prevent and destroy the growth of weeds. DOFF super strength glyphosate weed Killer concentrate kills weeds down to the root. It is supplied in pre-measured sachets, meaning that no measuring is required. The Weedkiller is ideal for the control of annual and perennial weeds on paths, patios, drives and wasteland and is suitable for sprayer application. It leaves no residual active ingredient within the soil, planting will crop up as shortly as weeds have died back.


  • 10 x80ml Super Strength Weed Killer Concentrate Sachet
  •  6 x 80ml Glyphosate Weedkiller Concentrate Sachet

Features of Doff Strong Advanced Weedkiller

  • Perfect for lawn weeds 
  • Contains Glyphosate
  • Easy to use in sprayers and cans

How to Use? 

This Doff Strong Advanced Weedkiller is tough and highly effective. Each sachet can treat up to 32 meters squared of lawn. Easy to use, merely mix the sachet with water. To be used in sprayers or watering cans.


  • Read the label 
  • Take precautions safely 
  • Only for weed and NOT FOR GRASS 
  • Can cause serious eye damage
Pack Size

10 x Sachets, 6 x Sachets



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