5 Pack Be Amazing Toys / Spangler Test Tube Wonders Lab-In-A-Bag

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  • Be Amazing Test Tube Wonders Science Kit.
  • More than 20 activities included.
  • All non-toxic and fully safety tested.
  • Makes learning and science fun.
  • The recommended age is 8 – 15 years.

Product Description:

The founding member of our popular “Terrific Test Tubes” family, this kit is a collection of twenty amazing experiments, each figure in one unbreakable, test tubes. Each tube contains up to three cool test activities and lots of fun from science learning. You can learn the secret of the Giant Test Tube; Make Up a bunch of Insta-Snow; build sand-resistant Under-Water castles; Use the sun to make white pearls instantly change with colorful dinosaurs; from growing a test tube. Also, learn how to make water disappear. Make fluffy Jelly Crystals, Color and make your own Rainbow tube all in one bag of fun and science. Twenty amazing activities inside. The test tube kit can be used over and over after the experiments are done, and it contains a list of experiment ideas to get you started. Recommended age 8+.



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