Antibacterial Wipes- Home Cleaning Product

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Duzzit Antibacterial Wipes Different  Packs

Banish bacteria and experience the joy of a germ-free home with these powerful antibacterial wipes from Duzzit. It’s never been easier to complete everyday cleaning jobs thanks to the durable and easy-to-use nature of these wipes. Just one swipe eliminates 99.9% of bacteria so you can delight in a dazzling home. Discover the perfect way to turn sticky germ-ridden surfaces into shiny ones. Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces around your home, these antibacterial wipes are a must in any cleaning cupboard. Plus, they’re bigger and stronger than your average antibacterial wipe meaning you’ll get through them slower!



  • Pack of 50 wipes
  • Extra strong
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria



  • 80 Wipes Lemon Fresh 
  • Duzzit Antibacterial Wipes, pack of 50
  • Household Cleaning Wipes – Antibacterial Wipes 
  • Duzzit glass wipes pack of 50
  • Baking Soda Wipes Orange 40 Count
  • Pack of 50 Blue
  • Furniture Polish Jumbo Wipes Pack of 50
  • Wood Floor Wipes (Pack of 24 Wipes)
  • Leather Cleaning Wipes Cream fresh 50 count

DUZZIT Amazing Baking Soda Wipes, Duzzit Antibacterial Wipes 80pk, Duzzit Antibacterial Wipes-50pk, Duzzit Bathroom Wipes-Pack of 50, DUZZIT DZT005B Furniture Polish Jumbo, DUZZIT GLASS WIPES PACK OF 50, DUZZIT Leather Cleaning Wipes 50 pack, Household Cleaning Wipes, Pack of All 9 Wipes, Wood Floor Wipes (Pack of 24 Wipes)

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