Bed Bug Killer Spray Insect Carpet Mattress Treatment 200ml

Bed bug killer for eliminating bed bugs. Safe and effective to use. Safe for pets ideal for spraying directly on the area where bed bug activity had been seen.

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Bed Bug Spray Killer Treatment

Keep your home free from bedbugs with this powerful spray. Protect your home and eliminate bed bug infestations with this pest control solution. Killer spray controls bed bug outbreaks, providing long-term protection. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and help protect your family from bed bugs with effective control and prevention. Kills bed bugs instantly and their eggs. Excellent residual activity is best sprayed into cracks and crevices where insects harbor for an insect-free zone. It can also be used as a direct spray against ants and crawling insects for rapid knockdown and kill. It can also provide you with a long lasting protection from future infestations.

Easy to Use

The practical and handy packaging for the bed bug spray makes it convenient for use. Simply spray the insect killer spray in the air or on the surfaces of objects you want to protect from bed bugs. Spray on mattresses, headboards, carpets, sofas as well as inside drawers and cupboards where bed bugs hide. These bed bugs won’t infect you with disease, but they will cause a nuisance in your home. The Bed Bug Killer Treatment Spray is an effective way to combat the presence of bed bugs in the home or other accommodation which is infested. Designed for the effective treatment of mattresses, beds, and bedroom furniture.

Package Contains:

2 x Bed Bug Killer Spray 200ml

3 x Bed Bug Killer Spray 200ml

4 x Bed Bug Killer Spray 200ml

Pack Size

Pack of 2, Pack of 3, Pack of 4



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