Bubble Liquid Solution for Kids’ Toys & Bubbles Fun

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Bubble solution for refilling kids’ toys i.e. bubble guns, bubble machines for bubbles fun activities. Available in 4 assorted colours. Suitable for 5 years+ kids.

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Features of Bubble Solution

This Bubblz 1 litre liquid solution is perfect for making large bubble balloons and bubbles fun activities. Due to its low surface tension, the fluid allows you to create big bubbles. The bubble solution bottles come in 4 assorted large bottles with purple, blue, yellow, and green colours. Each bottle contains 1 litre of fluid.  

Ideal Gift for Kids

The bubble solution for kids’ toys to play fun-filled garden/outdoor summer games. This Bubblz Solution refill can be used for refilling the bubble blower, bubble machine, bubble gun or any other bubble maker kids’ summer garden toys. The liquid solution is a perfect gift for different occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. Ideal for kids aged more than 5 years.



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