Bubble Solution Bottles for Blower Machine/Wand

Bubble mixture solution (1 litre & 1.8 litres) for bubble machines to make giant bubbles. An ideal present for children aged more than 5 years to play fun-filled, exciting outdoor/garden games.

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Bubble Solution for Bubble Machines

This bubble solution is available in the following two variations:

  • 1-litre assorted bottles
  • 1.8 litres can

The solution can make giant bubble balloons and can be used by kids to play exciting outdoor games. This is because the surface tension of the mixture is very low. 1-litre bubble solution bottles come in the form of an assortment. There are four bottles in a single assortment. The bottles have different colours which include red, blue, green, and yellow. Each bottle contains 1 litre of fluid. 1.8 litres can bubble solution is sold separately. This fluid is enough to make thousands of bubbles.


Ideal Gift for Kids

The bubble solution is an ideal gift for kids and children on different occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, etc. This can be used by them for refilling the bubble blower, machine, and gun to play fun-filled garden games. Suitable for kids aged more than 5 years. 

Bubble Solution

1.8 Litres Bubble Solution, Pack of 1 (1 Litre), Pack of 2 (1 Litre)



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