Candle Scenterpiece Melt Cup – Night Melt Cups 24H Fragrance

These refreshing scents will leave any room smelling sweet and welcoming. Natural fibres are used for these candle easy scenterpiece 

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Scenterpiece Easy Meltcup Candles

With these candle scenterpiece meltcups, you can choose seasonal and on-trend fragrances to tingle your senses. These easy scenterpiece melt cup candles come in 2 different scents and colours. These multi-scented candles emit a delightful and enticing aroma of fresh air, allowing you to spread aromatic scents to your home while also adding a decorative touch to your place.  Each wick of scenterpiece melt cup is hand-picked from various varieties to ensure the most effective burn for each fragrance. These scenterpiece warmers allow you to easily change scents and fragrance anywhere in your home in seconds without needing to touch hot wax. MeltCups can be reused for up to 24 hours of fragrance each.

These Scenterpiece melt cups candles are available in 2 different flavors:

  • Sunny Daydream
  • Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains, Sunny Daydream



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