Car Air Freshener Fragrances Affiliated with Yankee Candles

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Car air freshener kit affiliated with Yankee Candles, available in multiple fresh aromatic long-lasting scents/fragrances for your car journeys. 

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Features of Air Freshener Kit

This Car Air Freshener Kit affiliated with Yankee Candles allows you to take its fresh fragrance and aroma with you anywhere during your car journey. It’s perfect for small spaces, or anywhere you wish to enjoy your desired fragrance. This kit contains various long-lasting fresh scents including Cinnamon Square, Fluffy Towels Geometric, Fluffy Towels Square, Fluffy Towels Linear, Black Cherry Linear, Black Cherry Square, Black Cherry Geometric, Pink Sands Square, Pink Sands Geometric, Clean Cotton Square, Clean Cotton Geometric, Fluffy Towels Fragrance Refill, Leather Fragrance Refill, YC Vanilla Cupcake Fragrance Refill, Sparkling Cinnamon Fragrance Refill, and Lemon Lavender Fragrance Refill. Each Air Freshener Kit includes a locket, a bangle, a charm, and a refill. The locket is available in 3 designs; square, geometric, and linear. This locket encloses a clean, specially designed ceramic disc, infused with a lovely, long-lasting fragrance. This refillable and decorative fragrance product hangs from the rearview mirror in your car. One fragrance refill lasts up to 30 days.

Charming Scents

Black cherry geometric, Black cherry linear, Black cherry square, Cinnamon Square, Clean cotton, Clean cotton geometric, Clean cotton square, Fluffy towels fragrance refil, Fluffy towels geometric, Fluffy towels linear, Fluffy towels square, Leather fragrance refil, Lemon lavender fragrance refil, Pink sands geometric, Pink sands square, Sparkling cinnamon fragrance refil, YC Vanilla cupcake fragrance refil



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