Citronella Scented Tealight Candles Enclosed in Glass Jars

Citronella scented tealight candles, enclosed in glass jars, with lemon-like fragrance and long burning time. Yellow-coloured, strong insect repellents for both outdoor and indoor use.


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Strong Insect Repellents

These Citronella outdoor candles (H: 103 mm and D:100 mm) are some of the best insect repellents. They have an amazing lemon-like fragrance that keeps all kinds of insects away. Ideal insect/mosquito/fly repellents in the form of scented tealights, enclosed in glass jars, for anyone traveling. They also serve the purpose of a gift for your loved ones. Enjoy your summer evenings and BBQ parties freely by lighting up these long-lasting candles, and keep the mosquitoes away. 

Contents & Usage 

These fragranced, yellow-colored garden candles are sold in three different packages i.e. in packs of 4, packs of 6, and packs of 8 citronella candles. Simply light up the tip of the candles, and just relax. Once lighted, keep your kids/animals away from them. It is advised not to leave the lighted candles unattended and try to place them in a ventilated place if there are people/animals around. Place them in your garden and relax. Enjoy the summer evenings in your homes by keeping the doors and windows open, without the risk of mosquitoes getting in.


Pack Size

Pack of 4, Pack of 6, Pack of 8



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