Coloured Sand Art Kit, Rainbow Sand Art – Kids Craft DIY Set

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Kids can play in the sandbox all year with the Sandbox Set! Kinetic Sand’s unique formula makes it simple to shape and mould anything you can think of.

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Coloured Play Sand Set 

This non-toxic, non-hardening, and high-quality, rainbow sand set makes a safe, educational gift idea for children in school’s art and craft. This sensory/kinetic and perpetually wet, soft, and lightweight sand is hydrophobic in nature. It’s perfect to mould, shape, and squeeze. Its kinetic nature makes it stick to itself and thus it does not stick to your hands, clothes, and surface. This coloured sand kit craft is hypoallergenic and non-toxic in nature. This way, it does not dry out and allows you to use it again and again. Through this magical play sand for kids sandpit, you can inspire your kid’s creativity, exercise their hand-eye coordination ability, express their thoughts by shaping the image, and let your kids have fun. This coloured sand is made of non-toxic materials and can be used with confidence. 

Creative Sculpt & Play Set for Kids

Looking to cut down on screen time or keep the kids busy with a fun boredom buster? Or maybe you need an inexpensive gift, small toy prize, or all-around fun arts and crafts activity? This free-falling sand is sure to spark the imaginations of first-time users. A perfect way to enhance your kid’s coordination, creativity, and collaboration is by playing with this super bright 10 colours sand set. This all-in-one value pack is a perfect way of letting curious kids exercise their hand and finger muscles as well as their imaginations.

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