Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner 4 Litre Assorted Scent & Color

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Comfort conditioner smoothens your cloth fibers & keeps them shining like new for longer. It makes your clothes soft & great to wear. It is a popular choice for those who want to give their clothes a fresh,soft feel and a pleasant scent.

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It’s a rich, thick liquid fabric conditioner that protects your clothes. It strengthens fabrics and helps reduce friction during the laundry process, which helps clothes keep their original shape, reduce color fading, and reduce pilling and fuzz. Its every drop has even more vibrance, so you get more washes out of a single bottle. This concentrated fabric conditioner delivers a long-lasting freshness, the feeling of newly washed clothes.

How to Use
After washing clothes with detergent, in the last rinse, pour Comfort liquid into the bucket of water Then Soak up to 10 washed clothes (colored or white) in the bucket containing Comfort conditioner. After 5 minutes, remove the clothes and dry them. After drying it will also help in ironing, it will make it easier for you.

Product Features & Benefits

Long-lasting clothes. Smooth fibers mean less friction in the wash.
Helps to retain their shape. Don’t let your favorite t-shirt become a crop top!
Helps protect against color fading.
Softer clothes.
Added protection against bobbling.
Fast drying.
Easier to iron.
Freshly scented.


These fabric conditioners are available in three colors with assorted fragrances

1-Comfort Fabric Conditioner Blue
2-Comfort Fabric Conditioner White
3-Comfort Fabric Conditioner Sunfresh


Comfort Fabric Conditioner Blue, Comfort Fabric Conditioner Sunfresh, Comfort Fabric Conditioner White



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