Darlac Lawn Scarifier Rake | Steel Manual Lawn Aerator 1.93 Kg

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The Darlac Lawn Scarifier is a Hand Operated Lawn Scarifier/Aerator that is suitable for removing dead grass, roots, leaves and other types of thatch build-up which would otherwise choke a lawn by robbing the soil of air, water and essential nutrients.

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It’s a Darlac Lawn Scarifier that is used to remove a layer of dead grass, leaves, and other organic matter that accumulates on the surface of the soil. This gardening tool has sharp blades to cut through the thatch and pull it up to the surface of the lawn. During the growing season, it is very necessary to remove the thatch as it will help the new plants to grow well in an open space. The design & use of this tool is very simple. This Scarifier has a telescopic handle with a simple twist lock mechanism, extending up to 1.5m so you can adapt the tool to the most comfortable height. As you stroll up and down your garden, 11 super-sharp tines remove the moss and thatch that ‘choke’ the soil, thus improving oxygen flow and nutrients. This tool is made of high-quality stainless steel which is durable & long-lasting. The wheels of the scarifier help to roll on the grass properly.

Before using a scarifier, it is important to prepare the lawn surface. Remove any large debris such as stones and twigs and mow the lawn. A few weeks before you intend to scarify, you should treat your lawn with moss killer so that you don’t spread moss spores with your rake. Once the lawn is prepared and ready for a scarifying session, it’s time to get started. After it is used the scarifier should be cleaned properly with water and then after drying it should be oiled too, this will help it to run for a long time.

Product Specification

Carbon steel blades lawn scarifier
Made from strong powder-coated steel
Telescopic handle extends from 97cm to 1.5m
Easy twist lock mechanism



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