Deluxe Wall Flexible Shower Hose 1.75m, white

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The Anti-Winding design prevents your shower pipe from knotting and tangling. Its colour is white and it is 1.75m long

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Flexible Shower Hose- Handheld Shower Hose Heads 

The bathroom bath shower hose is very easy to install, and this handheld extra long shower head hose fits all standard handheld shower heads without using extra tools. Compared with the thermostatic mixer shower, This new steel chrome flexible shower is designed with the best connectors on both ends, both ends can connect to the pressure shower head, which prevents installation in the wrong way and falling out to hit your head or back.


  • Double shielding steel bathroom flexible head hose to prevent kinking
  • Its Dimension L x W x H: 26.9 x 19 x 3.8 centimetres
  • Head Hose weight is 318g
  • The Colour is basically white


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