Doff Lawn Fix- Patch Repair Grass Seeds Feed/Lawn Fertilizer

Doff Lawn field Repair Grass Seed Feed is an incredible product that works quicker and more effectively than different similar products.


Doff Lawn Patch Fix/Repair

Doff Lawn Fix patch & repair is a revolutionary seeding combine that guarantees seeding success. The distinctive Doff high-performance seeds serve the purpose of premium continuous unharnessed field food. It also helps the grass grow faster. Doff Lawn Seed Patch contains a soil improver for increased root development. Low maintenance plant food to feed new and existing grass. This product is meant to be used on a whole field and might be applied simply in the garden as a fertilizer.  Each seed is covered by PRO COAT, a micronutrient coating designed to improve both accurate seed placement and initial growth establishment. Doff Patch Fix Plus is mainly designed to work in any conditions and at any site location around your Lawn.


  • Quick and easy lawn repair
  • Low Maintenance and hard-wearing
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Improve soil structure
  • Easy to use
  • Unique PRO COAT seed mix
  • Pack size – 2.5kg


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