Doff Multi-Purpose Grass Lawn Care Fertilizer (1kg & 250g)

Multi-purpose grass/lawn care product by Doff for making your grass lush green. Easy-to-use lawn/grass fertilizer, available in packs of 1kg and 250g.

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Doff Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed

This high quality, multi-purpose seed mixture by Doff, is perfect for renovating a garden or establishing new lawns. It is disliked by birds, allowing the fast growth of your grass. This lawn care product provides a superior lawn finish with beautiful lush green grass. Each seed of this lawn/grass fertilizer comes with a special coating known as ‘PROCOAT’, that helps in the initial growth of the seeds. 


This easy-to-use, multi-purpose lawn treatment product is sold in 2 quantities i.e. in packs of 1kg and 250g. The 1kg pack covers up to 40-meter square, and the 250g pack covers up to 10-meter square of garden area.

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1kg, 250g



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