Eazifeed Multipurpose Easy Grow Compost Liquid 500ML

Eazifeed Multipurpose Grow Easy Plant Feed is a high-quality plant food with a balanced nutrient system that promotes and supports strong, healthy development in containerized plants, vegetables, fruit plants, and flowers

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EaziFeed Multi-Purpose Grow Easy 500ml

Eazifeed Multi-Purpose Grow Easy Plant feed is a high-quality food source with a balanced nutrient system that will encourage and aid strong healthy growth in containerised plants vegetables fruit plants and flowers. Helps promote full flavoured edible crops. Helps produce bigger and more abundant blooms. Contains seaweed extract to promote strong healthy root growth. Contains powerful wetting agents to maximise spreading and uptake. Eazifeed’s Multipurpose Grow Easy is a concentrated, fast-acting feed that may be used for a wide range of flowers, shrubs, fruits, and vegetables, and can produce up to 120 litres of micro-nutrient feed for your garden. Before using it, give it a good shake. 15ml (1 capful) diluted in 4.5 litres of water, applied widely to plant leaves or at the base of the plant.



Color- Green

Dimensions- 50mm X 100mm X 25mm

Material- Liquid

Weight – 0.500KG



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