Electric Wax Melt Burners – Table Lamps with Tree Patterns


Electric oil and wax melt burners with exquisite tree patterns on their rounded cylindrical casings. Ideal table/touch lamps gifts for your loved ones.

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IEP Innovative Aroma Touch Lamp

This electric oil and wax melt burner is in a shape of a rounded cylinder and has exquisite oak tree patterns on its casing. This aroma table lamp is also an oil and wax melt fragrance burner. The warmer/diffuser is touch-sensitive and offers 3 warm colour/light settings to create the mood in the room while the burner on top fills the room with your favourite fragrance making for a relaxing experience i.e you can switch/change between low, medium, and high temperatures by tapping the base or top rim of these touch lamps. It measures 10 x 26 cm and has a rose gold colour with a tree pattern/design. The lamp runs off the mains supply.

Leonard Collection Aroma Touch Lamp

This rounded cylinder-shaped wax melt burner has an exquisite black tree silhouette on its casing. This aroma lamp is also an oil and wax melt fragrance burner. The warmer/diffuser measures H26cm x W105cm x D10.5cm. The burner features a colour-changing LED light and exquisite tree silhouette patterns which make this electric wax melt burner very unique and special.

Ideal Gift/Home Decor

These electric wax melt warmers come with the colour changing touch technology that creates a soothing atmosphere by releasing a pleasant aroma/fragrance. All you have to do is to place your favourite wax melt in the warmer, turn it on, and just relax. The room will be filled with your favourite scent/fragrance in no time. These living room lighting lamps, with their gorgeous, colourful tree patterns, are perfect gifts/home decor products for your loved ones.


Innovative Aroma Touch Lamp, Leonard Collecton Aroma Touch Lamp



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