Electrical Beldray EH2658STK Desk Fan 9-Inch

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Beldray EH2658STK Desk Fan, 9″, White
If your bedroom, office or relaxing area is too hot or stuffy to enjoy, this Beldray desk fan is the perfect solution. Conveniently sized, it can sit on your desk without being too obtrusive and gently cool the area. It has two speed settings so you can control the air flow, while the oscillating function allows you to cool a larger area or to focus the cold air where you need it the most. With 3 blades behind a mesh grill and a clean white finish, this sturdy fan will look great in any setting.
This high quality Beldray fan is wonderfully durable with three strong polypropylene blades and a mesh grill as a protective safeguard.
The fan tilts up and down to adjust to your surroundings and oscillates so you can focus the cold air or use it to cool a larger area.
Use the easy push buttons to switch between the two settings in order to create the perfect temperature conditions for the room.
With a smooth white finish, it looks strong and smart while the sturdy, stable base enables it to sit neatly on any flat surface.
Simple and straightforward to use with 30W power, the fan will keep you lovely and cool at home or work during hot summer months.


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