Enamel Baking Tray and Muffin Tin | Roasting/Baking Cookware


Enamel-made, black speckled 12 holes muffin/bun tin and rectangular baking tray for roasting and baking. Scratch-resistant, dishwasher-proof, and hygienic cookwares.

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Features of Muffin/Bun Tin

This oblong muffin/bun tin is 34 cm wide and 30.5 cm high. It comes with 12 holes having a cup size of 7 cm and a diameter of 3.2 cm. It’s ideal for making various puddings including cakes, pies, pastries, and muffins. 


Features of Baking Tray

This oblong rectangular, black speckled baking tray is 42 cm wide, 30 cm high, and has a diameter of 3 cm. It’s a versatile item and is ideal for making baked dishes and roasting vegetables. Enamel coating doesn’t allow the food to interact with the tray that makes it an easy-to-clean item.     


These enamel wares are safe to use and easy to clean. They come in beautiful black color with little white spots. They are resistant to scratches and can hold high temperatures. It’s very convenient to make/bake delicious traditional dishes with tastes as good as the restaurants using these easy-to-use bakewares. Wait no more and buy these exquisite black speckled enamel wares/oven wares and make your life healthier!


Baking Tray, Bun Muffin Tin, Falcon Baking Tray, Falcon Muffin Tin



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