Fabric Freshener for Carpet, Bed, Linen, or Other Clothing

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Airpure fabric freshener, available in “Pet Proud” and “Linen Room” variations. Ideal for use on carpets, beds, linens, or any other clothing, furniture, etc. 

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Airpure Fabric Freshener

This pet proud fabric freshener is available in two variations i.e. “Linen Room” and “Pet Proud”. It comes with a quick spritz that keeps the carpets, linens, furniture, beds, curtains, or any fabrics/clothing in your home/office. This spray works on a molecular level to eliminate the unpleasant pet odours and replace them with a lovely, crisp fragrance to revitalize fabrics. This fabric freshener as a part of Airpure products, keep your home and office smell fresh. Decorate the air in your surroundings with this special fabric freshener, made for removing everyday pet odours. 

Cruel-Free Product

This is a 100% cruel-free product, as it’s made without using any animal products or by-products, or their derivatives. The freshener comes in a 750 ml spray bottle.



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