Fragrance Jar Candles with Fig. Leaf and Redwood Scents



Fragrance jar candles with wax of mixed flavours/scents. The wide opening of the jar gives it an outstanding look and provides consistent fragrance experience.

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Melted Wax of Mixed Flavours

The jar candles are filled with melted wax of mixed flavours. This includes Fig Leaf and Tuberose, and Redwood. This melted wax in jar candles is of high quality. The jar has a wide opening. This wide opening gives the jar candle an outstanding look. The fine quality of the melted wax used makes this product one of our best products. Each fragrance used in the candle is carefully selected and tested so that it produces the required results. This can be placed anywhere. The best places to use these jar candles are the living room, bedroom, etc. 

Consistent Fragrance Experience 

The jar candles will last long which will result in a consistent fragrance experience in the room. The scent of the candles is also consistent due to the wide opening that is present on the top of the jar. Each fragrance used in the candle is selected and tested in such a way that when this jar candle burns consistently it produces the same fragrance till the end. The burn timing of a jar candle is up to 20 hours. This also makes sure that the fragrance in the room is long-lasting. Due to these features, this can be gifted to your loved ones. Whenever your loved ones will smell this fragrance, the fragrance will leave a special effect on them.


Fig Leaf and Tuberose, Redwood



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