Fun-Filled Bottle Flip Board Game for 2-6 Players


A fun-filled Bottle Flip Challenge board game for 2 to 6 players with 54 challenges, making it an exciting family party game. 

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A fun & challenging game for any occasion 

Playing this bottle flip challenge game is an ideal way to celebrate a special/ordinary time including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday Parties, Housewarming, etc to bring fun and joy to your life. Gather 2 to 6 players (of 7 years + age) and begin the fun! The package includes a rectangular original box enclosing a beautiful Deluxe Target Board, 2x Bottles, 54 Challenges Cards, 6 Bottle Cap Counters, 6 Hoopla Rings, Spinner, and a Scoreboard. This fun-filled game offers 54 different, exciting challenges which make it a very engaging family party game. Its weight and dimensions are as follows: 699 g, Width 32 cm, Height 4 cm, Length 24 cm. 


How to play? 

Bottle Flip is a skill-based game/activity where players attempt to complete the challenges by trying to land a bottle onto an assigned target according to their challenge cards. Upon completion of the challenges, players progress through the playing board. Some common types of Bottle Flip challenges include:

  • Individual Challenges
  • Face-To-Face “Flip Offs”
  • Group “All Out Flip Outs”
  • Create Your Own Challenges

A few Challenge examples are:

  • Flip and land a bottle using only your elbows
  • 1 attempt to land 6 bottle flips before you blink


So, what are you waiting for? Get together and have some fun with this fun-filled Game and achieve Bottle Flip Greatness!



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