Garden Paint Sets of Flamingo, Gnome, Unicorn, Dinosaur, etc

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Garden-themed arts and crafts paint sets enclosing the models of flamingo, gnome, unicorn, dinosaur, bee, fairy house, mermaid, fairy, paintbrushes, and multi-coloured paints.

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Features of Garden-Themed Paint Sets

These paint your own easter crafts sets come in a total of 8 variations i.e. garden fairy house, garden bee, garden unicorn, garden dinosaur, garden gnome, garden flamingo, garden mermaid, and garden fairy paint sets. These kids/baby safe painting kits contain beautiful, colourless models of these creatures, brushes, and multi-coloured paints. In addition to these items, the garden fairy house pack contains 12 colorful gems, and a sticker sheet containing gorgeous stickers of garden items. Tell your kids/children to simply follow the color patterns of the painted pictures on the packs and start painting. When they are done, compare their designs with the ones in the pictures and appreciate them.

Perfect Arts & Crafts Sets for your Kids

These arts and crafts paint sets allow your children to be as creative as possible. Painting things using these easter arts and crafts ornaments is an ideal creative and fun-filled activity for your kids. The flexibility offered by these art sets encourages your children to paint in whatever way they want, thus boosting their curiosity, creativity, self-confidence, imagination, and other cognitive skills. Kids love to play with them and learn color combinations fairly easily. These garden art children painting sets are an ideal gift for your 5 + age kids on Easter, Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other special occasion.


PYO Fairy Garden House, PYO Garden Bee, PYO Garden Dinosaur, PYO Garden Fairy, PYO Garden Flamingo, PYO Garden Gnome, PYO Garden Mermaid, PYO Garden Unicorn



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