Giant Bubble Fun – Huge Bubbles for Outdoor and Garden Use


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  • Make huge bubbles with a gigantic bubble maker from Grafix.
  • Just dip the stick in the bubble solution (provided) and make super long bubbles.
  • It contains 2 bubble sticks that fit together. Dip them in the bubble mixture and take it out, suddenly you will have huge bubbles.
  • Make amazing long and huge bubbles with this kit. Fantastic for outdoor toy fun and playing in the garden in the summer months.
  • Assorted Colours supplied at random. Suitable for children aged 5+

Grafix Giant Bubble Kit. It contains bubble solution and a huge wand to make extremely large bubbles with. Just dip the string into the bubble mixture and you will make huge bubbles, that will keep you entertained for hours. Awesome for use in the garden or the park. Suitable for children aged 5+.

A great gift for anyone who loves outdoor toys and playing in the garden.

It contains sticks and string to put in solution. Dip the strings in the solution provided. The bubble solution provided is 354ml.



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