Glow in the Dark Guardian Angel Glass Ornament Gifts

These glass ornament angels come in 3 styles; peace, love, and faith. As they glow in the dark, these are the best accessory to add in your décor system.

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Glow in the Dark Glass Ornament Angels
The glow in the dark glass ornament angels are a great home accessory idea to give any room, an extra glow. As the name indicates, these are made with a material which allows them to glow in the dark. These come in 3 different styles with Love, Peace, and Faith written on them. The size of all three styles is the same. The body of ornaments is white with a little touch of golden color, whilst there is a small purple colored angel in the center. Each pack contains 12 pieces of these glass ornaments, i.e. each assortment includes 4 of each style. For the glow, they can be kept anywhere in the house to give an aesthetic look to your overall décor system. 

Wide Range of Use
As these indicate peace, love, and faith, these can be used as an ideal gift for birthdays, Valentine’s day, and Christmas. These can be gifted to loved ones as a sign of showing your love and care for them. One can also use them as a personal ornament to keep in the bedroom or living room. Moreover, one can also include these ornaments in the office or workplace décor system. Being fancy, you can place them with your Christmas decorations and give it a prominent look. These can be the best accessory to keep in your kid’s room as well as along the baby’s bed. These come in a fine packaging box to make sure that the items are protected from external damage.


Faith, Love, Peace



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