Guardian Angel Gift/Ornament | Crystal Glass Pocket Figurine

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Crystal glass palm angel ornament, inscribed with a personalised poem. A perfect gift/home decor, with a unique Window Box packaging, for your loved ones. 

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Crystal Glass Palm Angel Figurine

This guardian pocket angel figurine/keepsake is made from crystal glass and finely crafted with beautiful little details. This is a perfect gift for any occasion like a Birthday, Christmas, or Homecoming party. One of its most special features is its Window Box packaging which is giving it a lovely touch. You can use this figurine/statue as home decor for your office, home, library, cafe, or any other place to give a calming effect.

Inscribed with a Personalised Poem 

This Pocket Palm Angel ornament/statue has a special poem written on it. It says, “YOUR PALM ANGEL Hold me in the palm of your hand, So I can cast away your worries. I’ll take away the tears you have shed, And the burden your heart carries. Together we can pray for daily love, With guidance from the angels above. Take comfort when you hold me tight, And know I’m here both day and night.” These beautiful words hold special significance and they will keep you under blessings. They will provide you with protection, strength, and hope in times of need. Words play an important role and holy prayers have special power in making anyone’s life. So don’t wait anymore and order one for yourself to fulfill your life with blessings.



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