Hanging Basket & Tub and Orchid Drip Feeders (10 Pack)

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These plant feeders are ready to use and original for all house plants. Brighter blooms and vibrant colours are the results of this specially prepared fertiliser.

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Plant Drip Feed for House Plants

Doff hanging basket & tub drip as well as orchid drip feeders, contain liquid fertiliser, making it easy to feed plants that can’t get nutrients from the ground. Simply snip off the tip of the cap and invert into the plant for gradual, continual feeding, making this an excellent alternative for plant maintenance while you are away. A total of ten bottles are included in the package. Nutrients are released gradually into the growing media. It’s specially developed for orchids and comes in packs of 10.

Drip Feeders

  • Hanging Basket & Tub Drip Feed – Pack of 10 (each lasting 150 days)
  • Orchid Drip Feed – Pack of 10 (each lasting 30 days)


  • Easy to use drip feeders
  • Releases nutrients gradually
  • Ensures plants are fed even when you are unavailable.
  • No mess, no measuring.

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5050375947801-DP1044 dOFFOrchid Dip10pk

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Hanging Basket & Tub Drip Feed, Orchid Drip Feed



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