Happy Birthday Pint Glass Gifts for 18th and 21st Birthday


These Juliana happy birthday pint glasses are available in 2 styles; 18th and 21st birthday. Wishing a loved one these gifts will surely make their day.

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Features of These Birthday Glasses 

  • Material – Fine quality glass 
  • Colour – White 
  • Weight – 0.23kg
  • Style – 18th and 21st birthday 
  • Packaging – Comes in a gift box

Pint Glasses

Made with strong and durable quality glass material, these glasses are made in a simple and decent pint shape. These are available in white colour which adds more to its elegance. The glasses are super handy and light weight of about 0.23kg which makes them easy to carry. 

Available in 2 Styles

These are available in 2 styles. One is for the 18th birthday while the other is for the 21st birthday. The body is adorned with a “Happy 18th Birthday” and “Happy 21st Birthday” message respectively. Be it your brother, sister, or any friend, this makes them perfect for anyone turning 18 or 21. There is a small silver star engraved on the body as well. Wishing your loved ones with this beautiful gift will surely make their day special. 

Decorative Items and Ideal Presents

Apart from being ideal birthday occasion gifts, these can serve the purpose of decorative ideas as well. You can place them in a glass showcase and keep them as a decorative item. This way, you can always cherish the memories of the person who gifted you these glasses. Placing them on the kitchen counter will provide a glamorous appearance. These come in a finely packed gift box to protect from any damage. These are definitely a treat for the eyes.


Juliana Happy 18th Birthday, Juliana Happy 21st Birthday



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