Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric Ground Cover

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Designed to provide exceptional weed control, this premium weed barrier fabric will enhance your productivity and efficiency

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Our weed control fabric prevents the growth of weeds without the use of harmful pesticides. The breathable, water-permeable fabric allows air, water and nutrients to pass through into the soil below, whilst blocking sunlight – thus preventing weed growth. The weed control fabric is versatile and has many applications. It is suitable for gravel paths and patios, as well as rockeries. The protective fabric is also UV-resistant and therefore long-lasting. All GardenMate ground anchors are suitable for fastening the fabric.


  • Strong and durable yet flexible, easy to cut and install
  • Effective medium gauge weed block
  • Ultra violet resistant and water permeable



  • 6M x 1.5M , 
  • 25M x 1M.

 Both Sizes are Available in 2 different pack sizes packs of 1 and pack of 2.

High-Density Craft

Weed control is fabricated using a spun-bond method, which sandwiches melt-blown material, forming a powerful 3-ply layer of weed protection, high density structure effectively restrain weeds from sprouting and growing.

Easy to Cut

The design of weed Fabric Control also prevents unravelling and makes the material easier to cut with scissors. Our weed barrier cloth measures 6M x 1.5M, and 25M x 1M. Both Sizes are Available in 2 different pack sizes packs of 1 and packs of 2.

Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 2


25M x 1M, 6M x 1.5M



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