Home Fragrance Sphere Jars Affiliated with Yankee Candles


Home fragrance spheres affiliated with Yankee Candles, available in multiple fresh, aromatic, long-lasting scents/fragrances.

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Features of Fragrance Spheres Air Freshener

These fragrance spheres air fresheners affiliated with Yankee Candles allows you to take its fresh fragrance and aroma with you anywhere. It’s perfect for small spaces, or anywhere you wish to enjoy your desired fragrance. They come in various long-lasting fresh scents including Holiday Hearth (Magical Christmas Morning Collection), Candlelit Cabin (Alpine Christmas Collection), Crisp Campfire Apples, Water Garden (Garden Hideaway Collection), and Dried Lavender & Oak (Farmer’s Market Collection). 

Durability & Usage

These fragrance spheres have up to 30 days of fragrance. They contain scented beads that fill the atmosphere with an exquisite fragrance. They are ideal for bedrooms, gym lockers, or any other small place. Each air freshener contains scented beads and honeycomb-shaped openings in the lid which allow the scent to diffuse into the air. Replace the beads once they have shrunk. They measure 8.1 cm x 7.1 cm and are great for small spaces.

Ideal Gift for your Loved Ones

They serve the purpose of both a gift as well as a home decor item. Ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, or any other personalised small space. Place them by the fireplace in your house, gather your friends/family, and enjoy the amazing aromatic scents. Whether it’s Christmas, the Birthday of someone close to your heart, Valentines’ Day, or any other special occasion, these scented fragrance spheres would be a lovely inspirational present. 


Candlelit Cabin, Crisp Campfire Apples, Dried Lavender and Oak, Holiday Hearth, Water Garden



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