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These gloss paints are hard dry, hard built, and hard performance paints. When applied, they leave a glossy and shiny finishing to the surface. 

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Features of Gloss Paints 

  • Colour – Black 
  • Size – 180 ml 
  • Non- drip gloss paint 
  • Hard drying 
  • Hard built 
  • Hard performance 
  • For furniture, wood, masonry, and metal 

Black Gloss Paints 

The black gloss paints are used to apply on black surfaces. As the name indicates, these non-drip paints are used as a topcoat which leaves a high gloss finishing. These are perfect to be used on surfaces like metal, black furniture, outside wood, tiles, bricks, doors, walls, stoves, and masonry. These paints are hard drying, hard built, and high performance. These retain a durable and non-yellowing glow on any surface. 

How To Apply/Use 

To apply these gloss paints, all you have to do is use a clean soft brush and simply apply a single coat of paint on the surface. Now the paint should be allowed to dry for 8-10 hours and 24 hours for hard dry. For applying the 2nd coat, one should wait at least 24 hours.  


Before applying the paints, it is to be made sure that the surface is dry, clean and free of any kind of dust or rust. There should be no oil or old loose lumps of paints on the surface. When applying on metal, the surface should be first scraped, sanded, and primed with anti-corrosive paint. 



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