Juliana Impressions – Double Hinged Picture Frames/Photo Set

These photo frames by Juliana Impressions are perfect gifts for loved ones as well as a decent way to embrace and capture beautiful moments of life forever. 

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Features of These Photo Frames 

  • Material – Fine quality glass and silver plated 
  • Colour – Silver 
  • Style – Double hinged photo frame 
  • Available in 2 sizes – 13 X 18 centimeters (5″ X 7″) and 10 X 15 centimeters (4″ X 6″) 


Double Hinged Photo Frames 

These Juliana impressions photo frames by Juliana are made up of fine quality glass and are silver plated. These have double-hinged support which makes them strong and durable. The silver colour of the body and slightly round edges give them a very elegant and decent appearance. 

Available in 2 Styles 

These are available in 2 different sizes; one slightly bigger than the other. These are; one with 13 X 18 centimeters dimensions (5″ X 7″) and the other with 10 X 15 centimeters dimensions (4″ X 6″) 3499. Both have a depth of 1 inch.

Perfect Personalised and Gift Ideas 

These can be simple yet elegant gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, and especially Weddings. You can place them at any personalised space with pictures of your loved ones as well. This is a great way to embrace and capture beautiful moments of life/pictures forever


10 X 15 centimeters, 13 X 18 centimeters



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