Memorial Plaque/Miss you Gift | Heart-Shaped Grave Ornament

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Heart-shaped, glass-made memorial plaque/miss you gift, adorned with exquisite glass-silk rose and engraved with a personalized quote for your deceased loved ones.  

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Attractive Features of the Plaque

This heart-shaped memorial/remembrance glass plaque grave ornament is designed specifically for your sadly missed special ones be it your mum, nanny, sister, gran, son, brother, wife, or daughter. It is adorned with exquisite glass-silk rose and is printed with a special sentimental quote, written specifically for your loved ones. A lovely unique heart shape, beautiful silk rose, and a sentimental quote makes this personalised funeral plaque/miss you gift very special. It measures 19 x 15 centimeters. A perfect-sized remembrance grave plaque, in loving memory of your deceased loved ones. You can keep it in your home as well as on a graveside. It’s an ideal grave decoration ornament to remember all the beautiful memories you have with your loving deceased ones.


A Perfect Memorial Plaque for your Loved Ones

Our friends and family members bring us face to face with our former selves and remind us how intricately bound up we are in each other’s lives. Undoubtedly, the love within a family is pure, sentimental, and unabridged. To honor these beautiful relationships, we made a special memorial/remembrance plaque ornament/positivity present for your special ones with a special message written on it. This memorial plaque gift shows how much your loved ones are missed, and appreciated. It will help you always remember your loving, deceased ones.


Brother, Daughter, Gran, Mum, Nanna, Sister, Son, Wife



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