Memorial Plaques – Graveside Ornaments for Mum and Dad

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These mum and dad graveside memorials have a heart shape with a beautiful little feather on the top left corner. These are perfect to keep their memory alive.

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Features of Graveside Memorials 

  • Material – Stone 
  • Shape – Heart plaques 
  • Colour – White with a message engraved in black 
  • Dimensions – 15cm x 15cm 
  • Decorated with a feather on the top left corner 
  • Occasion – Memorial day 
  • Peaceful and Decorative Ornaments 


Graveside Stone Memorials 

These peaceful and decorative mum and dad graveside memorials are made up of stone material in a very calming white colour. There is a small feather on the top left corner as well which adds more to its elegance. It has dimensions of 15cm x 15cm. These are perfect ornaments for memorial Day. These are made in heart shape with a meaningful message engraved on them in black colour. 

The verse engraved reads as 

“In Loving Memory of My Dear Mum and Dad Always loved, always missed and always remembered”

Meaningful Ornaments 

Having a perfectly suitable size, these memorials are perfect to keep the memory of beloved mum and dad in your heart forever. You can keep them alongside the graves/cemetery and also at any personalised place in your homes. You can place them near your Xmas decorations to pay tribute to your lost mum and dad. This way, you can always feel their presence around you.



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