Memory Pet Personalised Plaque in Remembrance Photo Frame


Memory pet personalised plaque for the beloved pet who deserves special honour and love. So peacefully remember your beloved pet to keep the memories alive.

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Pet Picture Frame Features 

Pet picture frames have so many special features like you can add a picture of your beloved pet in the frame and make it a personalized frame. The frame is beautifully designed as it has gorgeous silver shining borderline which makes it a unique frame. The frame also has a special tag in it which shows that your pet is number one and it is the best-loved pet who is irreplaceable.

Thoughtful Present and Pretty Decorative piece 

The personalised pet picture memorial is a thoughtful present for someone who has lost their beloved pet. Your friend, mother, sister, brother, colleague or anyone who lost their pet must have gone through a lot of emotional pain and to show solidarity during their difficult time, you can give this photo frame memorial plaque. This is a peaceful way to remember a lost soul and also a great way to keep the memories of lost souls alive. This pet frame is also used as a decorative piece which you can keep in your office, bedroom, lounge, library, cafe or any other place. Nothing can be a better present than this glass memorial plaque as it will keep memories of departed souls alive. So what are you waiting for? Order a pet picture frame for yourself and your loved ones.


No. 1 Cat, No. 1 Dog, No. 1 Horse



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