Miracle-Gro Premium Moisture Control Compost for Plant Pots


Miracle-Gro premium moisture control compost for plant pots, houseplants, flower pots, and hanging flower baskets. Special compost soil enriched with minerals and fibres, available in 40 litres bags.

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Moisture Control Compost

This premium moisture control compost mix, developed by Miracle-Gro is perfect for hanging flower baskets, plant pots, flower pots, and houseplants. It contains an exclusive Aqua Coir formula, that stores 25% more water than ordinary compost and releases it when plants need it. It contains special hollow wood fibres which provide maximum root growth by ensuring the optimum balance between air and water in the soil. The compost soil comes with a smart release system that releases the plant feed only when the conditions are moist and warm. This feed provides up to 6 months of nutritional value to the plants. It is enriched with 14 vital minerals which include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements that make the plants stronger and fasten their growth. Available in 40 litres bags.

How to Use?


  • Line the basket and part fill basket with compost
  • Plant trailing plants around the baskets edge and upright plants in the centre
  • Fill the rest of the basket with compost, firm lightly and water thoroughly


  • Place a layer of compost in the base of the pot
  • Tap out the plant from the old pot, loosen the root ball and place it in the centre of the pot
  • Fill with compost, then press and water thoroughly


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