Modeling & Sculpting Playset Kit Non Toxic Modelling Compound

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Modeling clay/plasticine dough sets with multiple shapes and tools. Creative toys and perfects arts & crafts sets for 6+ years of kids. 

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These modeling clay sets come in 14 variations:

  • Abc Modeling Playset
  • Breakfast Bonanza Playset
  • Glow Factory Modeling Playset
  • Mega Dough Pack
  • Party Pack Set Playset
  • Pizza Party Playset
  • Rainbow Dough Playset
  • Dough Egg Surprise Playset
  • Dough Hair Studio Playset
  • 10 Tubs
  • Crazy Shapes
  • Cupcake party
  • Dino Set
  • Sealife Set

Modeling & Sculpting Dough Sets

These non-toxic, non-hardening, high-quality dough sets are a perfect educational gift idea for children in school’s art and craft. Moulding clay is very soft and lightweight, easy to stretch and mix, and it won’t stick to your hands during use, making it easy to use. The moulding sculpting dough will dry completely within 24 hours, so please cover the lid after each use. Through this magical multi-coloured clay & shapes, you can inspire your kid’s creativity, exercise their hand-eye coordination ability, express their thoughts by shaping the image, let your kids have fun and stay away from electronic products. Plasticine modelling clay is made of eco-friendly non-toxic materials and can be used with confidence. However, it is not suitable for kids under 6 years old. Younger kids should play under adult supervision to avoid eating mistakenly. 


Creative Toys for Kids

Looking to cut down on screen time or keep the kids busy with a fun boredom buster? Or maybe you need an inexpensive gift, small toy prize, or all-around fun arts and crafts activity? From birthdays to holidays to rainy days – whatever the occasion, these dough toy sets are sure to spark the imaginations of first-time users. This modelling clay is nice and soft for little hands to squish and shape which makes it an easy activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and even big kids to unleash their awesome imaginations. Modeling clay is an educational tool known to enhance creativity; use with kiddy dough tools, cutters, molds & extruders included in the packs. This plasticine modelling clay is effortless to clean – soft, no-mess compound won’t stain hands or home surfaces; simply wipe down table & utensils with mild soap & warm water.


10 Tubs, Alphabet Tools, Crazy Shapes, Cupcake Party, Dino Set, Dough Egg Surprise, Dough Hair Studio, KD Breakfast Set, KD Glow Factory, KD Mega Dough, KD Pizza Party, Party Pack, Rainbow Dough, Sealife Set



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