Multi-Purpose Grass Lawn Seed, with Procoat, Evergreen 250g

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Multi-Purpose Grass Seed

A high-quality seed mixture perfect for establishing new lawns or renovating garden areas.  Use on plants such as root crops, new lawns, All-purpose Lawn seed ready and easy to use, ideal outdoor plants and all around the garden. Multipurpose grass Seed is also disliked by birds, giving you more abundant and fast-growing grass growth. Gro sure smart lawn seed, Each seed is covered by PRO COAT, a micronutrient coating made to kick-start the seed’s initial growth. Suitable for new lawns and overseeding: Whether you’re seeding a lawn from scratch or looking to recondition your current lawn, our fast-growing grass seed is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a premium finish in their garden.  Ideal for pets and children: Our hard-wearing grass seed mixture is designed to be easy to grow and fast to establish, with minimal effort. Making it ideal for high traffic areas and gardens that get used.

Pack Size

Multipurpose Lawn Seed 250g is available in three different Pack sizes.

Pack of 1

Pack of 3

Pack of 6

 Fast-Growing Lawn Seed

Fast-growing & quick results – follow our 4 simple steps and you will see grass growth in 7-10 days. (1) Sow when the soil temperature reaches 6-8°C (2) Remove the top layer of dead grass & leaves (3) Tread seeds lightly into the soil (4) Keep the soil moist at all times.  As a nation who love their gardens, it is important that our lawns not only look good but are hard-wearing. Perfect for families with children and pets who love to play in all weather conditions. Our grass seed will stand up to the light and heavy use. It will grow year-round in Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn. The perennial grass will return year after year and grows well in cold weather. No need to reseed in the future saving you time and money.

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Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 3, Pack of 6



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