MY Traditional Games Hook A Duck Game

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  • Fill the bowl with water ~ less makes it harder!
  • Get your aim sorted and try to hook a duck!
  • Great for parties and rainy days
  • The game includes: 15 red ducks, 15 yellow ducks, spinner, 2 rods, and a bowl
  • Suitable for children from 3 years of age

A fabulous traditional game that’s great for parties and playing with friends. Fill the bowl with water. You can vary the amount ~ less makes it harder! Place the bowl on a flat surface. Stand 8 ducks around the edge of the bowl and then put the rest in the water. Decide who is going first.

Take it in turns to spin the wheel and hook the ducks with the rod. + means you need to add ducks to the side and – means you need to put ducks back into the pool! The player who lets a duck fall will lose the game. If no ducks fall and when there are no more ducks left in the pool or on the edge, the game is over. Whoever hooked the last duck wins! Box measures 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 7cm.



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