Nocto Interactive Light-Up Bat Electronic Toy

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Nocto is the light-up teenage bat with ‘battitude’ boasting over 50 interactive features. Just like all typical teenagers he likes to hang around, sleep and listen to music but he’s also prone to some serious mood swings! Nocto has 6 different moods and modes, each with associated light colours, expressions, sounds and movements enemies beware, as he will sound the alarm in protect mode when he detects intruders. Nocto also comes with 4 interactive games and a frame for you to hang him upside down wherever you go.

  • Nocto is an interactive bat with over 50 interactive features
  • Comes with dynamic lights & sounds
  • 6 moods & modes, associated with different colours, expressions, sounds and movements
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • 4x AA batteries required (included)



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