Organic All Purpose Fertiliser Fruit Vegetable Plant- 1 KG

Doff Bone meal fertiliser is a plant food that can be used as a root builder around the stems of plants, it can also be used all around the garden.

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All Purpose Fertiliser

All purpose plant foods are ready and easy to fertilize, ideal for indoor and outdoor plants, roses & trees and all around the garden. Can be used in the autumn before the first frosts for winter. Also perfect for new plants and adding nutrients in the spring after the frost has left the ground. Organic Plant Food-Fertilizer for plants, flowers, trees, grass and all around the garden.


Doff Bonemeal is a slow-releasing plant food that can be used to strengthen the roots surrounding plant stems. Additionally, it can be used as general plant food to keep your plants in top shape as well as for the planting of trees and shrubs to give them a good start. An easy-to-use dry fertiliser.



Natural slow release fertiliser

Suitable for organic gardening

Use all around the garden

For use on root crops, dahlias, peony, gladioli and deciduous shrubs

Encourages strong, healthy growth



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Doff Bone Meal Natural-Pack 1, Doff Bone Meal Natural-Pack 2, Doff Bone Meal Natural-Pack 3, Doff Bone Meal Natural-Pack 6



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