Personalised Birthday Champagne Flute Glasses with Stars


These champagne flute birthday glasses with silver writing and stars are so simple yet elegant and classy which can be used as personalized décor items as well.

SKU: OS-003341-00

Features of These Glasses 

  • Material and Finish –  Glass 
  • Dimensions – 23 x 5.5 x 5.5 centimeters 
  • Weight – 0.11 kilograms 
  • Style – Champagne Flute 
  • Presented in Silver Box 

Ideal Birthday Gifts

These champagne flutes-styled glasses are an ideal birthday gift. The body is made so as to give a simple yet fancy and elegant appearance The glass is covered with silver writings and silver-colored stars carved on the body. With the same specifications, these glasses are available in 4 styles which are; for 18th birthday, for 21st birthday, for 40th birthday, and for 60th birthday. These are presented in silver-colored finely packed boxes. 

Personalized Use as Well

Apart from being classy birthday gifts, these beautiful glasses can be used as personalized decorative items as well. You can place them in showcases from where they look pretty elegant and presentable You can place them on kitchen counters for that glamorous look. This way, you can always have the memory of the sweet friend who gifted you these glasses as well. 


18th Birthday Stars, 21st Birthday Stars, 40th Birthday Stars, 60th Birthday Stars



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