Personalised Love Story/Wedding Countdown Plaque

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A personalised love story/wedding countdown plaque, engraved with a personalised marriage quote. A lovely present for your special date/loved one.

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Features of the Wedding Plaque

This wooden plaque comes in a beautiful, rounded rectangle-shaped. You can hang it anywhere on a wall. It is inscribed with a lovely quote about the upcoming wedding. It says, “Days until our Wedding day”. This quote is written in white color and is enclosed by a set of lovely leaves. This love story sign is affixed with an exquisite black-colored, beautifully designed piece of velvet, inscribed with a cute small, white-colored heart. This velvet piece has a blank space to write down the number of days left in a couple’s wedding. The addition of heart, along with a personalised quote makes your love story the greatest. 

Lovely Personalised Gift 

This wedding countdown plaque is a perfect romantic gift for your loved one/date. Gifting this plaque showcases your utmost love for your upcoming life partner. A unique, special, wedding sign/plaque for your special one. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this exquisite, best love story plaque for your date and make your relationship more special! 



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