Photo/Picture Frame Personalised Gifts for your Special Ones

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Personalised memorial photo frame gifts/keepsakes, each with a lovely verse and a pink pastel heart, made specifically for your special ones on their Birthdays, or any other special day.

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Photo/Picture Frames

These memorial photo frames come in three variations i.e. for mum, for grandma, and for nanna. These special keepsakes can be customized i.e. you can add lovely pictures of your special ones on them to make them look more personalised. Another lovely and most attractive feature of these picture frames is that each one of them is printed with a sentimental verse, with a pink pastel heart, written specifically for your loved ones. A lovely personalised wording, with a beautiful photo of your loved ones, makes these memorial photo frames very special. Their dimensions are approximately 15.5cm x 17cm, while the photo measures 6 x 4 inches in portrait style.


Sentimental Gifts 

Giving gifts/presents should not be considered an errand. Gifts are exchanged from the heart, willingly without hoping to get anything in return, and a simple reason like making someone feel special is enough for giving a gift. Our family members bring us face to face with our former selves and remind us how intricately bound up we are in each other’s lives. Undoubtedly, the love within a family is pure, sentimental, and unabridged. To honour these beautiful family relationships, we made lovely memorial photo frames as ideal personalised gifts ideas for your loved ones on their Birthdays or any other special occasion.


Grandma, Mum, Nan



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