Hydrated Trio Plastic Water Bottles in Assorted Colours


These sistema hydrate water bottles are available in assorted colors. These are perfect to stay hydrated at the workplace, gym, school, travel, and whatnot. 

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Features of Trio Bottles 

  • Material – Plastic 
  • Colour – Assorted (including green, pink, light blue, purple, blue, and black) 
  • Capacity – 700 milliliters 
  • Dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and freezer safe 

Sistema Hydrate Bottles 

These hydrate bottles are made up of strong and durable plastic material. Having the capacity of 700 milliliters, these are completely microwave safe(without lid), dishwasher safe(top rack), fridge, and freezer safe. These are available in 6 funky assorted colours including green, pink, light blue, purple, blue, and black. 

Easy and Wide Range of Use 

These hydrated trio bottles have tight caps which makes them leak proof. Thus, it can also be used as a convenient drinking cup. This feature makes them perfect water bottles for schools, offices/workplace, gyms, sports, travelling, and whatnot. The bottles have a wide mouth access so one can add ice and fruits to the drinks as well. The capacity of these bottles makes them a perfect source of hydration during the whole day especially while travelling.



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