Play-Doh DohVinci Custom Clock Design Kit

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  • Make Your Own Colorful Dohvinci Wall Clock to Customize Your Space.
  • Create Colorful Designs on the Clock Pieces with Bold 3d Lines.
  • Build the Clock in All Kinds of Unique Ways After Designing.
  • Includes 27 Designable Pieces, Clock Mechanism with Attachment Pieces, Clock Hands, 12 Plastic Rods, Styler, and 4 Deco Pop Tubes.

Why buy a plain old wall clock when you can make your own? It’s time to get creative and build a unique colorful clock covered in vibrant DohVinci designs! Grab the Styler and create bold 3D lines on the clock pieces using the 4 Deco Pop tubes. Add wild multicolor swirls with the included Blendables Deco Pop tube. When you’re ready, put it all together and hang this colorfully creative addition on your wall! Play-Doh, DohVinci and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.



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