Professional Paint Brushes with No Loss of Bristle Brush 5pc

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These paint brush sets are great utility brushes for using all paints, gloss paint, stains, varnish, acrylic, and gesso.


Masonry Paint Brush Sets

Do you want a paintbrush set with no loss of bristles guaranteed? Would you like a smooth finish that’s easy to control? Do you appreciate a soft comfortable handle?  Why risk wasting your time repeatedly recovering loss bristles when you have better ways to enjoy your free time? Bristles stay firmly in the brush. You’ll avoid the pain of picking loose bristles from fresh paint. These brushes are the same as purdy brushes and are also used for ceiling paint pro. Easy and faster to use you’ll finish faster so you can sit back and enjoy your newly decorated room with a cutting-in brush. Generously filled with advanced filaments, these brush heads offer firm control and a finish that will impress. You’ll also benefit from the comfort of these brushes. As you pick up these paint brushes you’ll feel the comfortable soft-grip handle. You’ll feel more control from the firm brush head. The brushes come in 2 variations. I.e. 5 piece paint brush set and 5pk paint brush set. Both sets contain a total of 5, multi-sized paintbrushes. Both sets are available in:

  • Packs of 1
  • Packs of 3 
  • Packs of 6

All-Purpose Brush Sets

This set of fence paintbrushes is great utility brushes for using all paints, gloss paint, stains, varnish, acrylic, and gesso. Get good results on walls, trims, cabinets, doors, fences, decks, touch-ups, and arts and crafts. Our brushes are designed to hold more paint to save you time and give you the finish you are looking for. Filaments are durable and long-lasting and all-around great for house paint brushes, trim paintbrushes, and paintbrushes set with lightweight beavertail handles. Our paint brushes are made of synthetic bristles and lightweight handles. The paintbrush handles offer a comfortable grip that doesn’t tire out your hands. Engineered to ensure an optimum balance of paint pick up and release for even coating and a clean finish. Exceptional ability to get the job done quickly.

Product Codes:

5013478523235-5 Piece Paint Brush Set
5013478523235-5 Piece Paint Brush Set-Pk3
5013478523235-5 Piece Paint Brush Set-Pk6


Black, Red

Pack Size

Pack of 1, Pack of 3, Pack of 6



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