Rectangular Enameled Dishes for Bread/Pie Baking


Rectangular enameled dishes for bread/pie baking. Perfect to use in the oven as an individual bakeware. Their unique design makes them our best-selling products.

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Stylish Design of Dishes

These rectangular dishes have rounded corners that give them a stylish look. The dishes come in two variations. One is 18 cm wide and another is 16 cm wide. The 18 cm wide tray is sold as a single dish as well as in packs of 2 trays. The 16 cm wide dishes are sold as a single dish, in packs of 2, and in packs of 6 dishes.The dishes can be used as a gift for your loved ones. The use of stylish dishes in the kitchen will further increase the beauty of the kitchen.

Enameled Baking Trays

The product is made by combining high-quality materials with detailed manufacturing techniques making it our best-selling product. This makes the dishes hard enough to bear any minor damage. The dishes are enameled with good quality material that protects them from rusting. The dishes can be used in a microwave oven. You can bake something in them too. These are ideal individual bakewares that make them unique kitchenwares.


6 X Oblong Pie Dish, 16cm, Oblong Pie Dish, 16cm, Oblong Pie Dish, 16cm Pack of 2, Rectangular Pie Dish, 18cm



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