Baltus Candles Fragrance Reed Diffuser with Natural Essential Oil Lavender

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OIL REED DIFFUSER – is the most elegant and effective way to fragrance your home. This diffuser comes with reeds and premium quality fragrance oil for superior and long lasting (up to 3 months) performance. It diffuses a fresh and natural fragrance with a floral note that makes you feel like exposing in a garden full of lavender and is perfect for refreshment. The herbal scent of lavender with a smooth warm resembles the scent of rosemary and lime.

THE ESSENTIAL LAVENDER OIL – which forms part of the composition, contributes to the stimulation of the thought work, increases the attention, helps to fight the stress. Luxurious sharp CHERRY BLOSSOM. Best choice diffuser fragrance for your home – kitchen, bathroom, living room or office. For almost an instant burst of fragrance simply arrange the reeds in the bottle. A classic floral fragrance of lavender entwined with a hint of CHERRY BLOSSOM.


Cherry Blossom, Green Tea & Berry, Patchouli Lavender



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